Balcony roofing

Take care of the roof of your balcony and do not forget about the maintenance of your balcony! BÄR ÜBERDACHUNG offers you all the services of the installation of balcony roofing.

  • We arrive at the place of works, perform measurements and coordinate the order details.
  • By listening to the wishes of the client, we produce the structures of necessary design, style and colour.
  • Structures are made of top-quality aluminium, ensuring durability and soundness of the roofs.
  • The client can choose either double-glazed (transparent or matted, 8 or 10 mm thick) units or 16 mm thick plastic coating.
  • High-quality and quick installation of the roofing of balconies.

Balcony roofs not only ensure easier maintenance of the balcony area, but also protect the balcony from the rain, cover it from torrid rays of the sun.