Terrace roofing

We offer roofing construction and installation services for those who wish to have perfect conditions at any time of the year. Feel comfortable and cosy during both the storm and broil of sizzling sun.

BÄR ÜBERDACHUNG terrace roofing can be described in two words: durability and comfort. Terraced roofing are made of high quality aluminium and glass or plastic packets. Aluminium roofing do not require much maintenance; they are easy to handle. The roof systems mounted by BÄR ÜBERDACHUNG are heavy-duty, durable and resistant to various climatic effects: in summer, the terrace roofing protect against direct sunlight, in the autumn – from the severe wind and rain, in the winter they perfectly resist the intense cold. Certified materials and durable structures ensure the quality of roofing.

The biggest problem when installing the terrace on the southern side is the high heat of the sun, so in this case we offer our clients a 16 mm thick plastic coating that prevents the terraces from heating up. For terraces installed on the northern side, we mostly use glass coating, which gives the opportunity to enjoy light, warmth of the sun, but also perfectly protects against rain. The glass coating can be either translucent or matted, with a thickness of 8 and 10 mm.

Roofs are designed and installed according to individual wishes and visions of each client. Depending on the needs of clients and roofing purposes, we produce different roofing constructions, combine colours and style to the overall exterior. Aluminium structures are hollow, so we offer subtle LED lighting solutions, route and install lighting, perfectly matching and complementing the interior of a terrace.