Winter gardens

You are considering the possibilities of installing an enduring, durable and exclusive winter garden? We will help you to make up your mind: BÄR ÜBERDACHUNG is a benchmark of style and quality for creating and installing winter gardens in houses.

Winter gardens is an additional glazed space usually integrated in different residential houses, designed for spending cosily the rainy, stormy or cold season of the year. Winter gardens are often associated with the opportunity to enjoy the nature and a company of good friends at any time of the year.

With BÄR ÜBERDACHUNG, you will receive all the necessary services at one place: we manufacture and install aluminium structures with double-glazed units according to the needs of our clients; we offer a wide palette of colours and, at client’s request, we paint structures, install contemporary and exclusive winter gardens and take the trouble of the lighting.

The finishing processes used for the manufacture of materials are ecological and ensure the durability. The most up-to-date surface finishing processes, such as powder painting, attest the reliability of our company as well as responsible attitude towards clients and the environment.